Welcome to Fizebot.com.

Fizebot is a blog run by a small team that was made to inform, and help, people like you who use online bots to cop sneakers, street-ware ect. We’ve used many bots, and failed many times trying to cop heat online, and we want to use what we’ve learned through our successes and failures to help you never take an L again. You’ll find bot reviews, a general blog about the fashion/sneakers scene, and tips and tricks for copping your favorite gear.

Bot? What is a bot? A bot is a specific program (either a stand alone program or a chrome extension) that hits the  website with your information every milli-second to secure a cart and then fills out your payment and shipping information to secure the goods before the stock disappears. And when stock is disappearing in under 3 seconds, they are a necessity if you want to cop hyped items.

One thing we hate about the online community when it comes to fashion is the hoarding of knowledge and the lack of people genuinely helping each other out. At Fizebot we want to break from this norm and form a community that is helpful to each other and that promotes the sharing of knowledge.

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope we can help.

Fizebot team.