Heated Sneaks Review: The best bang for your buck bot?

Heated Sneaks AIO Dash App

Price: $124.99  / Compatibility: Mac & PC & Chromebook

Heated Sneaks is a developer based out of Illinois that makes some of the best sneaker bots. They have made bots for many different sites but have now now combined all of their one-off sneaker bots into one all-in-one or AIO Dash App.  From this one app you can cop on all of the sites you need – Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Bape, Kith, Palace, Footsites (Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs), Yeezy Supply and (for those in Canada), Deadstock and Exclucity…plus many more.

HS AIO Dash App is a Chrome extension (so you need to have Chrome installed) that once you add your keywords and/or countdown links, adds to cart and then acts as an auto filler and quickly adds your payment and address info to get a quick checkout.

Setting up the bot is really easy, everything is clearly labeled, to create a profile with your address and credit card info – simply click profile and enter your info and it’s ready to use for any store you want to hit.

When it comes to choosing the items you want to go for, you can enter by keyword and category or put in an early link and get ready for the drop.  HS AIO Dash App offers great support and lists of keywords and categories to enter for many of the top drops (Supreme).

If you are in class/work (or just like to sleep in) and can’t hit the drop time for your favorite items, there is also a countdown feature to start things at the drop.

Another great feature is the fact you don’t have to drop $100s on proxies every month.  The HS AIO Dash App uses your own home proxy.  However, if you are already banned on any site, you have the option to use a proxy to get the access you need.

If you really want to go to the next level and cop multiple items of the same product – which sites like Supreme and other sites with hot releases don’t allow you to do – you can do that too.  It takes a bit of work and preparation, a few credit cards and multiple addresses but you can do it.  You simply create new google profiles, open up new windows and set up the bot to run the bot from each of the windows.

Heated Sneaks Supreme Bot Sucsess
Check out Heated Sneaks Successes on Twitter

One thing we haven’t talked about is the price, Chrome extension bots are generally cheaper than the standalone applications, so with the Heated Sneaks AIO Dash App you basically get access to cop on over 100 sites.  Throw in free lifetime upgrades, continuously updated tutorials, support with keywords and links, no need for expensive proxies, all at $124.99, you have the one of the best sneaker bot on the market at the best price.




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